How To Arrange A Funeral

After a death the question you will be asked is ‘when’s the funeral?’ but the first thing we need to know is whether the funeral will be a burial, cremation or repatriation. This is important because there are different paperwork requirements for the differing types of funerals.

It’s best to speak to us about what paperwork is needed because it will vary depending on where the deceased passed away, whether the Coroner is involved and where the funeral will take place.

Once you have decided on the type of funeral to have we will liaise with next-of-kin, place of worship, crematorium or cemetery or airline and overseas funeral director. We will check the choice of dates available and find dates and times that are best suited to your needs. You will be able to speak to the Celebrant who will take the service and we will help you to sort things like the coffin, music, service booklets, flowers and the reception plus any extras you choose.