There are lots of rules and regulations governing cemeteries but the one that affects families most is the one that says the deceased usually has to reside in the Borough where the cemetery is located. If you choose a cemetery in an area where the deceased or next-of-kin didn’t reside the Borough may make extra charges, typically three or four times the standard cost. This is out of the funeral director’s control but we can advise on the rules for the cemetery you want to use.

In London most burials take place in council owned cemeteries but some are maintained by other companies. There are very few Churchyards with spaces. The majority of graves are earthen graves whereby the grave is dug into the soil but there are vault graves in Brockley and Streatham cemeteries. In Streatham there is also the option of Mausoleums.

We can assist you in choosing a cemetery or with arranging to re-open an existing plot.