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Funeral services

Cremation Or Burial


Choosing whether to have a cremation or a burial is a personal decision and it can be difficult as there are many factors involved, including family tradition, religion or the deceased’s wishes.


There are lots of rules and regulations governing cemeteries but the one that affects families most is the one that says the deceased usually has to reside in the Borough where the cemetery is located. If you choose a cemetery in an area where the deceased or next-of-kin didn’t reside the Borough may make extra charges, typically three or four times the standard cost. This is out of the funeral director’s control but we can advise on the rules for the cemetery you want to use.

In London most burials take place in council owned cemeteries but some are maintained by other companies. There are very few Churchyards with spaces. The majority of graves are earthen graves whereby the grave is dug into the soil but there are vault graves in Brockley and Streatham cemeteries. In Streatham there is also the option of Mausoleums.

We can assist you in choosing a cemetery or with arranging to re-open an existing plot.

Natural Burials


While traditional burial methods are still the popular choice, natural burials are emerging as a popular alternative way of conducting a funeral that is more environmentally friendly. As with all matters relating to death, it’s important to consider the wishes of the deceased and to fulfil them as far as possible.


About 70% of funerals in the UK are cremations. We can help you to choose a crematorium, arrange the necessary paperwork and book convenient dates. Unlike burial you don’t have to choose a crematorium in the same borough that the deceased resided. There are many myths and rumours about cremation and most of them are false.



When someone passes away the the process of repatriating someone to another country can be a complicated task for anyone to deal with.

With years of repatriation and funeral arrangement experience, we take worry and unnecessary complications out of your hands. We are able to offer a full service as our experience covers dealing with international customs, documentation, permits, transport and regulations in accordance with local requirements.

If your loved one has passed away in the UK or abroad and you need advice please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Chapels Of Rest

We have a large Chapel which we use for viewing and services. It has a dividing wall so we can turn it into 2 smaller chapels if we need to. It’s a bright, modern room and is comfortable and cosy.


It is a very personal decision to visit the deceased, but if you are unsure, we will always be happy to talk this through with you.

If you wish to bring clothing in for the deceased to be dressed, please feel free to do so.  If not, we will provide a funeral gown.

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