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Funeral Prices

Direct Cremation non attendance 


Our simple cremation option is for a cremation at our local crematorium without any attendance but with the same level of care we give to all our funerals,

A Simple cremation option is a perfect option if you wish to have a cremation and celebrate your loved one in your own personal way at a later time.

The price includes everything that is needed for a cremation without any hidden costs, This includes:

  • Our professional fees 

  • Conveyance to the crematorium

  • A suitable coffin

  • Bearers for the funeral

  • Cremation fee

  • Doctors Fee for medical papers


Additional fee for out of hours collection

Simple Cremation - with attendance 


Our Simple cremation with attendance gives you the option of having a service at Honor Oak Crematorium with a selected time of 10:00 or 10:45, It will also include everything as above but also includes:

  • A hearse direct to meet at Honor Oak Crematorium

  • A minister/ Celebrant to take the service

  • Mourners can also attend

  • An option of live streaming the service is also available for an additional fee: from £55

Additional fee for out of hours collection

Traditional funeral prices

At William Dunphy we do not do a set package for funerals as we believe not every funeral is the same, Our staff will go through all the options with you and let you chose the perfect funeral for your loved one.

We provide our costs below with a breakdown of what this includes but with so many variants on disbursements they would be added to to plan once chosen. 

We provide our prices online as we believe we offer a service for a cost that the large chains are unable or unwilling to offer.

Our professional services

  • helping you complete any paperwork and liaising with all third parties on your behalf

  • Preparation and dressing of the deceased

  • The use of our chapel of rest during office hours

  • Collection from place of death to our care in working hours within 30 miles

  • Any bearers that are needed to complete to funeral

Our coffin selection

Our coffins start at £395, please follow the link to see our range of coffins.

Our vehicles


We use Jaguars as our standard hearse and limousines.

There are many alternative vehicles available that we offer and these prices can be explain when booking a funeral. Please follow the link to see our vehicles

Third party disbursements

The third-party disbursements are any external charges which, for ease we pay on your behalf.

An example of this would be the crematorium or cemetery, as well as celebrants or ministers, These prices have many variations which will be explained by one of our staff .

Extra fees


We do not charge storage fees for the deceased in our care for whom we arrange funerals, However if we collect, embalm or store a deceased and then you decide to go elsewhere, there will be a charge for our costs to that point including a fee of £10 per day storage.


We can arrange the printing of order of service booklets, Mass cards, memorial cards, photos and other items. Please ask for a quote.


We can arrange any floral tributes you may like all through our own florists, Bellenden Florist, please click the link or call any of our branches for any more information.


We can remove, supply new and refurbish existing memorials.

For any memorial enquiries please call sue at our Dulwich branch 020 8127 1190


We reserve the right to charge an additional fee of 8% for accounts or balances that are unpaid at the time of the funeral.

Standardized price list

All funeral directors are legally required to publish this Price List for a standardized set of products and services. This is to help you think through your options and make choices, and to let you compare prices between different funeral directors (because prices can vary).

Please discuss any specific religious, belief-based and / or cultural requirements that you have with the funeral director.


To see the standardized price list please click here.

Lewisham Cemetery fees

Lewisham Crematorium fees

Southwark Crematorium fees

Southwark Cemetery fees


 From £395

 From £350

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